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Be A Street Child’s Superhero



We were approached by Media Trust, Chance for Childhood and Street Child Africa
to create a short animation promoting the two charity organisation’s work in protecting street children
from the devastating consequences of extreme poverty, conflict and disability.

As soon as we’ve learned about the good work they are doing,
we didn’t think twice and jumped straight on collaborating with them to bring this animation to life.

Learn more and see what they do to help street children like Mbali
chanceforchildhood.org/help-street-children and streetchildafrica.org.uk


It’s difficult to sum up all the work they do. Every case is different and they are trying to work with a holistic approach, looking at the root of problems instead of offering single packaged solution.

So putting all that into a two minute short film was a real challenge but Chance for Childhood and Street Child Africa gave us the freedom to take the script to the direction that we think will give a general sense of the work that they do without bombarding the audience with facts and figures.

Our approach was to create a piece that will be highly emotive
and we wanted to do something that people in the UK can relate to.

We hope that this piece will support the good work that the charity has been doing.

Below is the final piece that we’ve created.


Designing the characters was great fun. We decided to base these characters on real people and social workers who have devoted their time and effort to this charity organisation.


Few examples of the environment


Directed and Produced by: Ink and Giants
Clients: Chance for Childhood and Street Child Africa
Agency: Media Trust
Script Writer: Paul Leach
Character Design: Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes
Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes, Eduarda Lima, Monika Malyjasiak, Peter Dobes

Animators: Eduarda Lima, Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes
3D Modelling and Animation: Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes
Voice Over Artist: James Cosmo
Music: Philippe Lenzini
Sound Mixing: Luke Hatfield
Production: Peter Dobes, Susanne Freyberg


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