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The importance of looking after our environment cannot be ignored. People at BP know this and work hard on being part of the solution.

In collaboration with our friends at One Small Pixel, we worked on a 3-minute announcement film for BP about their commitment to low carbon emission.


BP wanted to emphasise their serious involvement in achieving this goal so they decided to film a series of interviews with senior management, the same people responsible for delivering the results.

The challenge was to present these interviews in an engaging way that is different from the usual “talking heads” without distracting the audience from the key message of the film.

To answer this, we augmented each interview with miniature 3D dioramas which helped visualise what they are talking about. 3D typography were embedded into the scene that called out key points and messages from the interviews.


The miniature dioramas where treated like a theatre set design using the desk surface as stage to bring the objects in and out.


We knew from the beginning that we needed to put the same love and care on the typography as what we have on the miniature sets.
So we designed it using details and elements from the dioramas as if they’re built to fit together. This way, we can have the option and flexibility of merging captions with the sets seamlessly if needed.


Client: BP
Producer: Peter Dobes (Ink & Giants) and Hugh Ip (One Small Pixel)
Script Writer: Stephen Marsh (One Small Pixel)
Creative Director: Peter Dobes
Art Direction: Dianne Dela Torre
3D Designers & Animators: Antoni Bartroli, Andy Evans, Laurent De Vleeschouwer & Peter Dobes
Edit & Grading: BPTV
Music & SFX: Echoic


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