Christmas Gold Re-brand



Throughout December, UKTV decided to rename their ‘Gold’ channel to Christmas Gold. This meant going all the way, and replacing their entire onscreen presentation pack and idents. 
We had the pleasure of coming on board at the very beginning of this project and were involved in the creative process, as well as producing the graphics package, beops, bumpers and idents. The paper art style was set by the client. Initially we toyed with the idea of shooting in stop motion, but decided in the end to construct the scenes in 3D and render it to look as photo real as possible. This allowed more creative control and the ability to fine-tune the action all the way through to the end of the process. Keen to experiment with new techniques, we used Octane for the rendering process and it proved to be the perfect tool for the job. 


The Christmas Gold logo was designed to work as seamlessly as possible with the channel’s logo.

The existing Gold logo resembled a yellow ticket and we decided to build on this logo and extend the graphic device to accommodate the word “Christmas”. We designed it to look like a ribbon – the perfect finishing touch to the wrapping of Gold’s Christmas content!

Logo Behaviour (Cracker)
Logo Behaviour (Ribbon)


The regular Gold idents had a really nice style with funny, cute and heartwarming scenes. We decided to stay true to that as it allowed us to pack plenty of gags into the idents. We drew upon all those classic festive moments and gave them a Gold twist, which mirrored the british humour in the programming.


Television branding means much more than just a logo and some idents. We also created a new OSP pack with 
the same style and wit to inject christmas into every corner of the channel.

Below is a compilation of a few examples of the graphics in action on the channel.


Below are just some of the behind the scenes images and storyboards.


Below are some of our early 3D tests.


Directed and Produced by: Ink and Giants
Creative Director: Scott Russell (UKTV)
Creative Manager: Tom Williams
Design Director: Matthew McDermott (UKTV) & Dianne Dela Torre
Animation Director: Peter Dobes
External Producers: Daniel Wimborne & Genevieve Sligcher (UKTV)
Storyboard Artist: Peter Dobes
3D Modelling and Animation: Peter Tomaszewicz, Peter Dobes & Dianne Dela Torre
After Effects Artists: Dianne Dela Torre, Peter Dobes & Peter Tomaszewicz
Production Coordinator: Latoya Collingwood-Williams (UKTV)
Music & Sound Design: UKTV


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