Client: King Salman Oasis Technology Centre
Agency: Sarner International  |  Production Company: One Small Pixel  |  Design & Animation Studio: Ink and Giants


DNA carries our past and holds countless answers to our future. It connects us to every living creature on Earth.

This 3 minute experience we created for the Biotech room at the King Salman Science Oasis gives an overview of what DNA is all about and how advancements in technology can use it to help humanity. From healing people to feeding them the possibilities are endless.

The aim of the entire exhibition is to get visitors excited about the power of science and show the younger audience how studying science can lead to a fulfilling and exciting career.
Promoting the change from an oil-producing to a knowledge society is a top priority in Saudi Arabia.


The film is placed at the heart of the installation surrounded by infinity mirrors and LED strands of DNA so we needed a strong visual style that will beautifully echo in the physical space as well as effectively tell the story from molecular to galactic scale. It was obvious that a good source of inspiration is the beauty and intricacy of molecular structures and DNA itself.

We decided to use particles as building blocks for our visuals just as DNA is for life. This enabled us to create a smooth and consistent flow to the animation.


To get a fully immersive experience, the room was beautifully crafted with infinity mirrors and LED strands of DNA, courtesy of the guys at Frozen Fish Design.


Client: Oasis Technology Centre
Agency: Sarner International
Production Company: One Small Pixel
Design, Animation & Direction: Ink and Giants Studio
Creative Director: Dianne Dela Torre
Producers: Joe Binks (One Small Pixel) & Dianne Dela Torre (Ink and Giants)
Script Writer: Nick Clements
Lead Designer & Animator: Luke Busby
3D Designers & Animators: Duncan Tune, Aaron Amore, Antoni Bartroli, Peter Dobes & Dianne Dela Torre
Particle Simulations: Luke Busby, Duncan Tune & Aaron Amore
Compositor: Luke Busby
Storyboard Artist: Dianne Dela Torre
Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio


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