W Channel Ident


Following on from the success of the W channel rebrand by Art & Graft, our friends at UKTV approached us once again with an exciting opportunity, to create a new ident that will work well with the existing idents and that will take the viewers to a continuous journey through places and moments anywhere and anytime.


The ident is a mix of diverse scenarios happening in different locations.
It presents a range of emotions, from the feeling of contentment and peace to suspense and mystery.

The challenge was to explore different techniques to create the ident besides live action filming. We explored a few including 3D camera projection mapping and mixing photography and 3D elements. After a couple of rounds of experiments, we eventually decided to push for a hyperreal to a photoreal full 3D approach. This way we can recreate existing locations from anywhere as well as create new ones.


A couple of months of production has taught us many things, but the most important among them is never be afraid to push the boundaries of technology. For a small studio like us, creating a piece with this level of details and getting it close to a photo real look is a great challenge to take on. We’re pleased with what we’ve achieved and have thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Here’s a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes:


Here are some early tests that we did using a few techniques.


Client: UKTV
Creative Director (UKTV): Scott Russell
Head of Design (UKTV): Peter Allinson

Directed and Produced by: Ink and Giants
Lead 3D Designer: Peter Tomaszewicz
3D Designers: Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes and Monika Malyjasiak
Effects and Compositing: Dianne Dela Torre-Dobes
Music and Sound Design: UKTV
Producers: Celia Bayne (UKTV), Susanne Freyberg and Peter Dobes
Original branding and concept: Art & Graft


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