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The Coopers

Creative Direction


Direction, Design and Animation
Ink and Giants

Ink and Giants

Life and shenanigans in the coop that will leave you Eggs-tremely entertained.

The Idea

Welcome to the world of Coopers! An ongoing Ink and Giants series that started during the pandemic, when your house started to feel more like a chicken coop.

We’ll follow the daily adventures of our feathered friends who never fail to entertain us with their quirky antics and clucking charm.

/ Introducing… Helen Miller

How to sit comfortably?

Concerned with sitting properly for long hours in front of the computer, Helen came up with a brilliant idea!

/ Quarantine life be like…


TikTok entered our lives and captured our imagination … and attention … for hours at a time.

Animals’ noises differ in most languages, but somehow Tiktok reminded us of chicken talking. So, we made them do a dance.

/ Snoozing when you’re

On the cluck

Looks like someone didn’t get their daily dose of caffeine.

It can be challenging to focus on work with the comfort and familiarity of home, especially if there are other distractions such as children, laundry or NAP!

/ The all-new


Who needs a roost when you’ve got chickengaroo? This mama hen can handle it all!

/ How to survive being cooped up?

Eat ice cream!

How to survive eating too much ice cream? Just keep chilling.

Early Sketches


Direction, Design and Animation
Ink and Giants

Ink and Giants

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