Ink and Giantsis the land of visual problem-solvers

whose oath is to help their clients create a giant-earth moving visual experience through design and motion.

Creating an impact is at the heart of everything we do. Impact produces a shift in mood, behaviour and decisions.

We believe that every project no matter how big or small deserves to be fully understood, given purpose and carefully crafted in order to have a result that will move, awaken and influence its audience. This is why we put extra love and care in our creation to help clients stand out and make an impact in a vast and crowded market.

Ink and Giants grew out of the creative partnership of Dianne Dela Torre and Peter Dobes. With a combination of over two decades of experience in design, advertising and broadcast, they've been collaborating with brands, agencies and production companies around the world.

Our house is a collection of experts in creative thinking, design, storytelling and high-end production.