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Dear Santa



Direction, Design and Animation
Ink and Giants

Audio Mix
Foster & Foster Music

A scroll, a swipe
and a wipe.

In our latest short film, we explore the age-old question: What happens when Santa runs out of toilet paper? And how pen and paper are still relevant in this digital age. Not to mention the importance of recycling.

We hope you have as much fun watching as Santa did scrolling.


The Bearded

Every short film is an opportunity for stylistic exploration. We set out to create a warm and friendly version of this well-known character while keeping some cheekyness and relatability.

In addition to that, we tried to keep his design fairly geometric while paying attention to fine details to make him feel tactile.

Reels & Rolls

We liked the idea of showing Santa in an unusual yet familiar scenario.
Yes, we’re all addicted to those bright rectangles in our pockets called phones and we’re not the only ones sending funny reels to our friends, are we?
Let us know if you liked it and we might make a sequel with some reindeer next year.

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