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Concept Development



Direction, Design and Animation
Ink and Giants


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Creative Direction: Peter Dobes // Producer: Jumoke Ogunkoya // Storyboard: Peter Dobes // Art Director: Dianne Dela Torre // Design & Animation: Peter Tomascewiz, Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre

Unfolding the World
of Christmas Gold

Filled with all your festive faves

The Brief

The Gold channel was seeking a fresh and festive look for the holiday season, and we were commissioned to create a complete graphics package to achieve this. Our task involved developing and producing a range of visual elements, including idents, bumpers, and beops, along with a TV promo to give the channel a complete holiday makeover.

Cracking new look

/ The Idea

Taking inspiration from the intricate art of paper folding or origami, we set out to create a world of paper characters and objects that captured the essence of the holiday season, invoking feelings of wonder and delight.

To bring this concept to life, we developed a series of scenarios for the idents that showcased humorous takes on familiar events during the Christmas season.

/ First Ident
/ Second Ident
/ Graphics Package

Our team meticulously crafted every element of the graphics package to reflect this theme, utilizing vibrant colors and playful animations to evoke a joyful and whimsical atmosphere.

Each element of the design, from the charming gingerbread man to the surprising Christmas cracker, was created in CG with intricate details that added to the overall festive feel of the channel.

/ TV Promo

We spiced up the Gold Channel’s lineup of Christmas classic TV shows by featuring our charming Mr. Gingerbread Man. Creatively incorporating the character into each clip, we seamlessly blended this character into the existing footage. Giving a festive and hilarious twist on beloved programs that left audiences feeling merry and bright.

The outcome was a transformed Gold channel that truly embodied the magic of the holiday season. 

Creative Process



Direction, Design and Animation
Ink and Giants


Creative Direction
Peter Dobes

Jomuke Ogunkoya

Art Direction
Dianne Dela Torre

Design & Animation
Peter Tomascewiz, Peter Dobes, Dianne Dela Torre

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